Estonia- beautiful winter- good news from sports! Rally! Check it out!

Reporters Aliise Liivandi and Kaur Koreinik. Students from 5th grade. Peetri Lasteaed Põhikool.

What do we know about Italy?


In Peetri Lasteaed Põhikool Aliise and Kaur made a video to introduce ITALY intersting facts and language…

We watched the video…

5th grade students made posters, pictures and even GAMES to learn about Italy…


You can watch the presentation from HERE…

What we did in Portugal?

Our flight to Germany and to Portugal…

They made us a welcoming presentation with music, acrobatics and dances…

We had the Tapestry rehearsal every day!

We visited many places and it was very interesting…

Wiev from Glerigos tower

Lets go tho Hogwards???

We did programming…

We did cheramics…

This schools students made as lunches and the last dinner. This service and food was amazing! Thank You!

We went to Portos football statium.. It was awesome!

The Tapesty was performed on the last day, we did well. We are happy and thankful. Thank You Portugal!!!!

Till the next adventure in Italy, Reggio Emilia!!! See you soon Euroknitters!

Learning about Portugal! Portugese Day!

Estonian Euroknitters in Peetri Lasteaed Põhikool had a Portugese day. 🇵🇹😍
*Students made a Portugese wall with posters and travelling experiences.
*Students learned about Portugal culture and language.
*5th grade students made a performance about Portugal interesting facts, language learning and performed some football tricks.
We are ready!!! See you in Portugal!

MoBiLiTy To EsToNiA!

How was the Mobility to Estonia?  Find out from the vide below!!!! 

What a nice memories!!!!!
Thank You Euroknitters!!!!

Time for some learning. What do YOU know about ESTONIA?

Do YOU know Estonian alphabet?

Can you say your name in Estonian?

What do YOU know about Estonian Culture?

Have you heard any Estonian music? What is YOUR favourite?


What we did in Greece? Have a look !

Peetri Basic school pupils and teachers in Geece!

4th of February we started travelling to Athens. We were very excited .


We met the families and they were amazing. So warm and helpful. We enjoyed our stay with them!                                                                                   

Greek students had prepared a wonderful performance to us. They even sang in every language. We were so surprised.

We saw the school and the students told us about the rooms. We met the teachers  and visited the classrooms. 
Every day we made some crafts. We participated in Greek school lessons.

We met the mayor of Egaleo. What an honour.

We made lots of friends for life. Euroknitters is an amazing experience!

We went to see the Acropolis. This day was full of adventure! The quide told us a lot about history. Happy to learn about Greek ancient culture!

We visited Greek old school lesson. We learned how to write in Greek letters and even dressed up.

Corinthos canal. What a view! WOW! This is amazing , we had a fun day with lots of sightseeing. 
Ballet called Nutcracker. Amazing show! Cultural centre- such a big library!

We performed in a play Tapestry! We were the bad monsters. We learned to be more bold. We are shy but this performance we gave our all. Our costumes were cool. We even got a facepainting.

Everything great comes to an end. Thank you so much dear families. The last day we had a Greek night with dancing and lots of home made food and live music in the school. It was very hard to leave.

We started to go back home. We were so tired.

Thank You so much Euroknitters! We learned a lot about Greece! Thank you all the teachers who have worked hard for this!


On the 25th and 26th of January we had Greek days at our school.
4. D class students prepared a presentation about Greek. It was very informative and interesting.
Later we danced all togheter Greek traditional dance Tsirtaki. We had lots of fun!

The next day we  had a Kahoot competition. All the questions were from the presentation from previous day. The whole assembly hall was full of pupils. So many kids wanted to participate. Euroknitters projects are very popular.

Three best students who had the most correct answers got a prize.
The prize was very trational to Greek- wallnuts.

Some classes made posters and travelling experience stories and added pictures about creek to the walls of the first floor. So everybody could see the information what students  found interesting.

Merry Christmas Euroknitters!

In Estonia, Peetri Lasteaed Põhikool the Christmas spirit was all around all children and teachers and parents were happy and exited. We had to be good and we were. This year we were not in the naughty list.
We had lots going on. Christmas rehearsals, surprises and everybody worked hard to make the first Euroknitters news.

We made surprises to other classes. Students danced, read poems and wished good wishes to everybody. We shared Christmas spirit.

Our Old Town in Tallinn is mystically amazing. We are sharing some photos of it. Even though we dont have snow at this moment this place is always full of adventurers and romantics. Amazing right?

Cant wait to come to Tallinn ?? Dont worry only four months till visiting Tallinn and Peetri Lasteaed Põhikool.

So in this video 4.D grade students were dancing and reading poems and shared good thoughts for holidays. We are friends with everybody and we like to make surprises.

This is how our students had rehersals. Our Christmas Party with all the students, parents and teachers were AMAZING.

We wish you Merry Christmas, lots of love, caring and sweet holidays!